Did you know that not all jewellery appraisers or graduate gemologists are certified?

Thousands of appraisals are done by alleged qualified appraisers. Less than 1.5% of jewellery stores have a Graduate Gemologist on staff.  Many people believe that the declared value is the most important aspect of an appraisal, however an accurate description of the piece’s design and components (the metal and stones) is really the key to establishing a precise evaluation. Insurance companies generally require that your precious jewellery be appraised every 2 to 5 years in order to keep values current and premium payments in line with changing market conditions.

At Lim Goldsmiths we can provide you with a valuation that is based on extensive training in gemmology and market research.  Our gemologist is a Registered Master valuer and GIA trained and available to meet with you in person to advise you on the best type of valuation for your needs.  The following types of valuations are available:

Insurance Appraisals of your jewellery does not reflect the money likely to be obtained if the item is sold, it is a detailed assessment that estimates the likely replacement price at a traditional shop.  These are used in order to insure pieces whose value exceeds the amount covered by your home insurance, a personal articles floater or scheduled item may have to be added to your policy. Scheduled items added to your policy are individually insured.

Estate appraisals are performed for a variety of different purposes: divorce/dissolution of property, probate/inheritance. Estate appraisal values are determined by fair market value. Fair market value is "the price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having a reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts".