Having trouble finding the perfect piece? Want something unique that no one else has? 

When everything looks like the same old, or your once treasured pieces are in need of remaking or remodelling, let our experts create a custom made piece that is uniquely your own.

Goldsmiths must be skilled in forming metal through filing, soldering, sawing, forging, casting, and polishing metal. The trade has very often included jewellery-making skills, as well as the very similar skills of the silversmith. Traditionally, these skills have been passed along through apprenticeships, guilds and long standing multi-generational family tradition. It takes many years before one reaches the highly prized recognition of being a Master Goldsmith. True to tradition, our third generation Master Goldsmith comes from a long line skilled craftsman.

We use the latest in technology to provide you with a detailed rendering of your design to ensure our customers are satisfied with their special design. At Lim Goldsmiths, we are inspired by our clients and the pieces that we create together.

As our valued client, you will be included in every phase of the design process.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your vision, style, and your preferred gems & metals. At this time, we will show you  some preliminary sketches. From there we will create a precise digital rendering. Next, we will produce a physical prototype which you can to try on and experience how it feels, looks and fits. From there a prototype will be made for your final approval. During the final stage our skilled professionals turn your vision into reality.



Visit our store and meet with one of our in-house designers to create a sketch of your custom piece.


We will create a digital rendering of your new favourite piece.



Based on the rendering we will produce a prototype which you can to try it on and get a feel of how the product looks.


We will then fabricate your piece in your desired metal, with your chosen stones.